Hey, there! While I have an active gym membership, there are many days when I like to get in a quick workout at home. As a matter of fact, I prefer to work out at home more often than not.  Of course there are several YouTube videos online, but I always like to explore my horizons.  I know that there are several weight loss guides out there but I personally prefer at home video workouts. 

That being said, one of my FAVORITE ways to workout is to take a SWEAT Livestream class with Dawn Estelle Archer.  Dawn has lost a lot of weight by cleaning up her eating (eventually adopting a plant based diet) and getting active every day by doing dance-based workouts that she enjoys--and that make her SWEAT.  Dawn is located in the Richmond, VA area so I think it's great that she offers virtual classes for those who are not local.   In addition to the LiveStream classes, Dawn has several DVDs with workouts of at least 30 minutes that live it their names....they make you SWEAT!  In all honesty, I have tried similar virtual fitness classes from other fitness instructors, but SWEAT classes are unmatched. Dawn has excellent customer service skills, and her energy during class exudes tremendously.  I hope to attend one of her SWEATBOX classes (in RVA) before the end of next year. 

As of March 2016, my main focus is weight loss, so I do a lot of cardio mixed in with a few bodyweight exercises.  Some of my favorite exercises include variations of squats, lunges, and core work.  By the end of 2016, I hope to be able to do 10 unmodified pushups.