#summer16 Bucket List FAIL

Okay.  Here it is Monday, August 15, and I will admit that I have failed MISERABLY with my bucket list. *inserts emoji*

Let's recap my bucket list from my 5/9/16 post....

So, here's what I hope to accomplish this summer while I’m home! 

  1. Finish my internship! (DUH!)-CHECK!
  2. Make 2 YT videos a month!-FAIL!
  3. Complete a handlettering e-course!-eh, kinda but not really *sigh*
  4. Find my bullet journal niche!-NOPE
  5. Open an online savings account.-not yet....
  6. Clean out my 2 closets in the spare bedroom.-absolutely not
  7. Read two books for leisure a month.-NOPE *sigh*
  8. Listen to 2 personal development books a month.-afraid not
  9. Make a budget for the next academic semester.-eh, kinda but not really
  10. Finish The Life-Changing Habit of Tidying Up."-no sir-ee Bob.
  11. Adopt the Kon-Marie method in my bedroom. -really?
  12. Get an Apple Watch!-I WISH
  13. Write three blog posts a month. -I think y'all can figure this one out
  14. Work out at least 90 days.-Maybe 30 days?
  15. Burn at least 40K calories between tomorrow (May 20) and August 28; that’s 101 days!-nope
  16. Complete a blog design web course!-not even close
  17. Apply to medical school by August 1!-YES!!!
  18. Teach myself photography--using either an e-course or a book-no
  19. Pay off my credit card bill!-No way Hosea.
  20. Fit into a size 12 jeans!-*crickets*
As you can see, I only completed 2 out of 20 bucket list activities; that's a completion rate of 10%. But honestly, of all the things on that list, those two were the most important, so I feel accomplished. 

And besides, although I'm a tad bit disappointed that I did not fit into those size 12 jeans, I still have some time to redeem myself. My summer is over in two weeks, but summer isn't officially over until September 22. That means I have roughly a month to accomplish more of these goals.

So before September 22, I will:
-Pay off my credit card bill. (and prayerfully so GOODBYE to that card for GOOD!)
-Finish 2 personal development books ("You are a Badass" and "I AM THAT GIRL").
-Practice hand-lettering twice a week.
-Lose 10 pounds (that's 2 pounds a week!).

This is going to be a busy semester for me (graduation is in view: December 17th), and I have mustered up the courage to pursue two huge dreams of mine (deets coming soon) that will require a lot of research and effort. But with my personal development under my wings, I think I will be okay.

Talk to you soon!