Meal Planning and Prepping

Hey y'all! I'm so glad I am FINALLY posting. 

Classes started for me this week so I've been busy trying to keep my schedule together and manage my time best I can.  Fortunately, I don't have classes on Fridays (YAY!) so I have spent today resting and catching up on some work.

It's a little after 8:00 now, and I plan to meal prep after my WW meeting tomorrow.

Yes, I said it....

I'm going to my WW meeting tomorrow.

So here's the deal. I decided to check out a WW meeting here in Birmingham, and I actually LOVED it.  Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery.  For me, a change in scenery did me good.  Last week, I weighed in at 196.2 and I was so distraught.  Mind you, when I signed up for WW last year I weighed in at 205.2.  So, for the sake of comparison, I only lost...9 lbs in one year.  I was sooo bummed, considering I set a goal to hit lifetime within a year (by August 8, 2015) and I am still so far away.

Well, I couldn't stay disappointed.  I mean, for it's worth, it's my fault I haven't gotten any farther than I have.  So, I left the meeting and went STRAIGHT to Walmart to grocery shop for the foods I planned to eat for the week.  Yes, I actually meal prepped and planned.

And MY what a difference it has made.

I follow the 21 Day Fix and use the portion control containers (get them from Beachbody or Amazon, but they are cheaper on Beachbody) to help me make sure I'm eating the right foods as well as the proper portions.  I started eating my meal prepped foods on Monday and by Tuesday I had noticed a decent decrease in my weight. I also stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies.  I used the fruits to make a pitcher of flavored water and I vowed to drink a gallon of the water every day--I stuck to my plan and it's really paid off! 

**Caveat: if you plan to to get the 21 Day Fix portion containers, I STRONGLY recommend contacting me so that I can fill you in on the most cost-effective options!!!***

So this meal plan/prep thing is definitely a process of trial and error.  I did well with eating my prepped foods the first two days, but by Wednesday, I started switching up the program.  I got...bored. And yesterday, I stopped eating two of my meal prepped foods altogether.  The problem with my meal prep is that it lacked variety.  I have never been one to eat leftovers more than a day, so I don't know how I possibly expected myself to be able to eat the same thing for 5-6 days.  Hey, some people can do it and be perfectly okay--I'm just not one of those people. 

I will add, as a disclaimer, that I have CRAVED fast and junk food all week, but I didn't cave into those cravings.  Several factors have a role in my seemingly great willpower: 1) awareness of my goals 2) willingness to save money by eating food I've already bought and prepped, and 3) unwillingness to lose my parking space and/or have to pay for parking!  For the third factor, I'm extremely glad that I have that "issue" to deal with or else the other two factors may not have easily been surpassed.  Just keeping it real here.

Anywho, now that I'm aware of my meal planning/prepping shortcomings for next week, I am more prepared to spice it up this week. I'm also worried that I may get off track with my eating next weekend, since it's a holiday weekend.  I'm going to try my BEST to cook my own food next Friday when I get home so at least I will eat well Friday-Sunday!

As I mentioned, I am following the 21 Day Fix meal plan. The 21 Day Fix allots you a certain number of "containers" (portions) based on your calorie bracket (as determined by your current weight). If you need more information, here's a video on what the Fix is and why it's so great!    

And as always, if you need more information, please email me at and I will be more than happy to help you!

So for every day this week, I have been allotted 4 red containers (4 portions of protein), 4 green containers (4 portions of vegetables), 3 yellow containers (3 portions of carbs), 3 purple containers (3 portions of fruits), 1 blue container (1 portion of dairy and healthy fats), 1 orange container (1 portion of seeds/dressings).  

So here's what I'm thinking. 
Sunday, Monday and Wednesday
Breakfast: 4 egg muffins
AM Snack: Shakeology made with almond milk
Lunch:  WW tuna salad (6pp) on whole wheat tortilla with grapes
PM Snack: Blueberry Muffin Shake (blueberries, oats, vanilla extract, and ice)
Dinner:  turkey and mushroom cheeseburger on whole wheat sandwich thin with apples and cinnamon and 2 tsp almond butter

Tuesday and Thursday
Breakfast: 4 slices turkey bacon and grilled cheese (2 slices whole wheat bread and 1/3c. shredded cheese) 
AM Snack: Shakeology made with almond milk
Lunch:  veggie and black bean burrito on whole wheat tortilla with 1/2 banana drizzled with 2 tsp almond butter (burrito recipe idea here.)
PM Snack: Blueberry Muffin Shake (blueberries, oats, vanilla extract, and ice)
Dinner:  Asian Salad (romaine lettuce, panko breaded chicken strips, coleslaw, oranges, and Asian Sesame Vinaigrette dressing) and strawberry fro-yo (strawberries, 1/2c vanilla Greek yogurt, honey)
This meal plan took forever tonight, but I'm super excited about this week's meals!

Last week, I decided to complete a hybrid of T25 and Cize.  I absolutely love ShaunT, so it only makes sense. So far, I'm loving the hybrid program, and my Shakeology just makes working out SO worth it.  Can we say best workout reward EVERRRR? :)

Lastly, next month, I plan to host a Clean Eating Challenge as a segue into a Challenge Group.  If you would be interested, please feel free to email me or drop me a message in the Contact Form!  Let's reach our goals together!