Why do we do things we know we have no business doing?

I have asked myself this several times over the past two days. 

Just like yesterday morning...I got up and ate oatmeal, but I made my oatmeal with cow's milk.....

And I'm lactose intolerant...

I'll let you figure out how that turned out. 

And today, even though my stomach was  still sensitive from yesterday's "mishap", I ate fast food. 

My stomach is STILL in knots and that was almost 12 hours ago. 

So, after Day 6 of my workout in the morning, I'll be cooking my food for the rest of the week. No more eating out, except for my birthday. My stomach just can't take it. 

I love that I'm getting into a routine. I'm praying for strength as I really try to hone in on my nutrition over the next few weeks. 

I haven't weighed myself in a few days and I don't plan on weighing myself again until the end of the month. I need to stop focusing on the scale and more on how I feel. 

Talk to you soon!