After months of continuous weight gain, I made a decision to take back my life.

Throughout this journey, it has been hard to see my way sometimes.  You know, it's easier to do things when you are surrounded by people who are trying to achieve similar results.  Unfortunately, not many of the people around me struggle with their weight.  Or might I say, to be politically correct, not many people I KNOW have admitted to that they struggle with their weight and/or are in the process of becoming healthy.

So I have made a few changes.

I upped my Pact.  I now vow to work out for at least 30minutes (or to make 10K steps a day) 5 days a week AND to eat 7 servings of veggies a week.  For each pact that I fail to uphold, I lose $5.  

For me, this is an easy way to make money, but it definitely isn't a "get-rich-quick" scheme.  I mean, I  never make more than $0.85 a week when I meet my Pact, but that's still money I didn't have before. (Not to mention, when I don't meet my Pact, that money hits my bank account HARD!) The money comes steadily, as do the healthy eating habits and weight loss. I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of GymPact.  By the time you start making a decent amount of money with it, you've formed healthy habits (e.g. getting in activity, eating your fruits and veggies, and being mindful of your diet overall).

I wish I had been smart enough to conjure up that app!

My goal is to save the money I make with Pact and use it to treat myself to a spa day!

Since I have these goals, I have really been going out of my way to accomplish them.

For instance, today, I pretty much stayed in bed and worked on blog stuff.  The only walking I did was to the bathroom and to the kitchen. By 9:00, I only had about 4.8K steps.  Mind you, I have already met my GymPact for the week, but I looked at my FitBit Dashboard, and I was barely in the top 10 of my Friends as far as steps for the week.  I'm pretty darn competitive when it comes to my FitBit, so I wasn't about to accept that ranking.

I got my butt up, grabbed my new Samsung tablet (which I absolutely LOVE), turned on YouTube, and walked around the house.  One video turned into two videos, which turned into three videos, which turned into four videos.  All of these videos were at least 20 minutes--so, I walked around my house for almost an hour and a half.  I didn't break a sweat, and I didn't even realize I was being active.  Sometimes, I need that.  Sometimes, I don't feel like sweating.  Sometimes, I don't feel like putting on workout clothes and going to the gym (or turning on Beachbody on Demand). Sometimes, I just want to be lazy.  So walking around the house in my PJs is as good as it gets for me. And I'm okay with that.   And hey, I got 12.3K steps in.

So, about those videos.  One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is to watch YouTube videos.  I'm particularly into beauty vlogs, but I have been leaning more and more into fitness vlogs.  I just really respect people who can share their lives to the WHOLE world.  Yeah, I have a blog, one that is visible to the whole world, but besides that picture on the "About Me" section, nobody really sees me.  (Or do they?)

Anywho, the first video I watched today comes from Rehabilitated Fat Boy, aka @username_dopeAF on Instagram.  I like to visit his website to get recipes.  Honestly, as many times as I have visited his website, I have NEVER watched the video...but today I did.  And it really moved me.  A lot of what he talks about resonated so heavily with me.  For instance, he speaks about being ashamed to lose weight.  I, myself, am ashamed to lose weight.  I just got a Planet Fitness membership about a month ago, and I'm basically giving them $20. I know. It's just stupid of me, huh? Well, I am ashamed to lose weight. I don't like feeling like I'm being judged.  I know everyone is going to have an opinion, but I just don't want to subject myself to that. I'm not strong enough yet.  And it has been my experience--people at the gym will talk about my weight, as if they don't realize that I'm right in the gym with them.  So, I rarely visit the gym. And when I do go to the gym, I only do cardio because the weights intimidate me, which @username_dopeAF spoke of.

Please watch the video below:

Speechless, right?

One of the other videos I watched was by beauty vlogger MakeupbyTiffanyD. Now, the video I watched was about how she lost (is losing) her pregnancy weight.  Disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant!  I only watched the video because I saw it as a weight loss video.  Anywho, Tiffany had a lot of great advice.  But one thing she said that really resonated with me.

To paraphrase, in order to be successful with losing weight (or anything, for that matter), you have to do only those things you know you can do for the rest of your life.

In other words...

Be comfortable. Don't restrict yourself.  

Otherwise, you are on a diet, and you will never make it into a lifestyle.
If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you probably have noticed that I tend to jump trains when it comes to fads. One week, I'm doing this thing.  The next week, I'm trying something else.  I mean, I am having to learn what does and does not work for me.

Rehabilitated Fat Boy is a low-carb advocate.  More power to him.  It just hasn't worked for me. I feel too restricted.  Dawn Estelle Archer eats just about as close to nature as possible (I think she is vegetarian. If not, she is fairly close to it).  I've tried that.  It really took a lot out of me and I felt restricted.  Do I look up to these two individuals any less? Absolutely not.  If anything, I admire them MORE because they made their dreams a reality, in their own special ways.

So, would I ever try low-carb or vegeterianism?  Maybe.  But I am just not ready right now.

But what I AM ready to do is clean up my diet, indulge here and there, and be comfortable with my lifestyle.

So, as May comes to a close, I look forward to June being a month of growth and progress.

Stay tuned for a post on May's progress and June's goals!

Write you later!