Healthy Habits

A lot has been going in my personal life.

I have been known to use food to "fight" my feelings and brush them under the rug.  That's pretty much how I gained all my weight in the first place.


Yesterday morning, I woke up and weighed myself (why on earth did I do that?) and got discouraged. So I skipped my workout yesterday morning.

I scrambled two eggs and added some veggies and pan fried some potatoes.  Such a delicious breakfast and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites.  (Pictures don't do it justice.)

That was around 9:00.

Then I started preparing my meals for the rest of the week.  I sauteed more veggies for my turkey burgers, and I let my ground turkey sit in the fridge for an hour in some yummy Chipotle marinade. (Did I mention it was yummy?) I used the leftover marinade for my grilled chicken breast and popped it in the oven for about 30 minutes. (Someone PLEASE remind me to use fresh and not frozen next time.) I also made some long grain/wild rice and roasted some broccoli.

That took about 3 hours.  It was lunch time before I knew it.

So, I had a blueberry muffin Herbalife shake with my lemon tea and aloe.   That was around noon.

I continued on with some personal chores, and I started getting hungry again.

So I ate some wild rice and broccoli (the latter of which was particularly amazing). 

I then fulfilled some of my other obligations and came home for dinner--wild rice, turkey burger patty with barbecue sauce, and a green smoothie.  Dinner was great!

I got on social media, surfed the web for a while.  I just didn't feel right though.  And then I knew.

I hadn't worked out yet.

So I got up and turned on my BB on Demand and got ready for Dirty 30...and that 30 minute workout was over before I knew it.

And I slept like a baby.