I woke up this morning and...I was up 1 pound. 

I know...totally a big deal, huh? 

Well it kinda bummed me out. (I need to kick my scale to the curb.)

But I did my workout and I drank my Shakeo and green smoothie and carried on with my day. 

I ended up leaving home and I got super hungry while I was out. And you know what happens when you starve? You overeat when you get food. 

It's one thing that I had Subway for lunch (again) but I also had *squeals* a chocolate chip cookie and half a bag of chips. 

Did I mention that today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Yeah I wasn't passing up that cookie. 

So I ate lunch, and I was full. But those stupid nagging cravings (the ones I haven't had AT ALL this week as long as I was drinking just smoothies) came back. 

Processed foods make you crave foods for NO reason. Lesson learned. (Or should I say lesson acknowledged...I've read books and watched documentaries that state precisely that. But I lived and I learned) 

So I got home two hours later. Still full. But I turned on the tv and HSN was on. (Love HSN almost as I love QVC) HSN was advertising cookware. Now on any other day, I would have flipped the channel. But the sight of the food made me want to eat. So I ate...the leftover 6-inch Subway I had in the fridge, a bag of spicy nacho Doritos, AND half a bag of peach rings. (I also ordered cookware. *sigh*)

Now I feel super sick to my stomach, disgusting, and bloated. And those nagging cravings....goshhhhhh. 

Moral of the story: I need to avoid eating processed foods. 

So I'm back to my two green smoothies (and horrible attitude, might I add) and a wholesome meal from now on.....