It's Hump Dayyyyy!

Goodness gracious. I've already fallen into a slump.

So, yesterday morning, I woke up and I was down 3 pounds (from 191.6 to 188.6) from Monday.

Woohoo!! Exciting huh?

Just as I was starting my day, my grandmother called me and we chatted for about 30 minutes (as I walked around the house to get my steps in :))

I drank my detox tea and prepped my smoothies for the day.


I realized how absolutely gritty and untasty my smoothies were.

Let's just say....

My blender sucks.

On any other day, the blender works perfectly well for my protein shakes and fruit smoothies, but for some unknown reason, these green smoothies are....well, not smooth.

They are super fibrous and gritty (I have to use that word again as it is the only one that describes how unsatisfying the taste is).

So, yesterday, it was pretty difficult for me to slurp down those green smoothies.

Time for a new blender, huh?

Here's what I ate yesterday:

1) Green smoothie at 8:00am
2) 2 boiled eggs at 11:00am
3) Collard greens and a handful of almonds at 1:00pm
4) Subway Turkey Italiano Melt and three handfuls of mixed nuts at 4:00pm

Yep, I ate processed foods yesterday.

Am I disappointed? Sort of. 

But I was literally starving and I couldn't take it anymore!

One of the reasons I was so hungry was the fact that I was out and about running errands (without my green smoothie) and I let myself get way too hungry.  So I splurged.

But I went back and read the instructions to the cleanse and learned that I had been going about it all wrong anyway....I was supposed to have given myself TWO WEEKS to prepare for the full cleanse (the one that I am (was?) doing).  During those two weeks I would have weaned myself off of those foods that are forbidden on the cleanse, so my cravings for those foods wouldn't be so...annoying, to say the least.

Anywho, my goal for today is to drink two smoothies a day (breakfast and dinner) and have a healthy lunch, just like the modified cleanse states.  One exception though: I'm eating the other half of my Subway sandwich today.

Bring it on Wednesday!