My, my, my! Time has surely flown by!

I am officially done with undergrad!!

Graduation is in 5 days!!!

I did it, y'all! :)

This academic year has taught me so much.

I started my senior year with a goal of losing 53 pounds by 5/3/15 (graduation). 

It was a hefty goal to begin with, and although I didn't quite make the mark, I did manage to lose 10% of my heaviest body weight (210 pounds). I have lost (and kept off) 21 pounds.

Yes, even with the stresses (and stress eating) of college, I managed to lose weight.

And for that I am extremely proud of myself.

I am almost content with where I am, although I would love to lose about 20 more pounds and tone up.  And I'm really more concerned about the latter. I don't care as much about how much I weigh but how I look.

I have this goal look in mind.

I also want to lose more body fat.  Even if that means the scale doesn't bulge.

This semester, I have really been slacking with my eating and with my activity.  I made excuses for not going to the gym (i.e. I didn't have time, I was too tired, the gym was too far away, etc.), and lack of activity, exacerbated by poor nutrition, really kicked me in my booty and caused me to gain 10 pounds over the past four months. 

Yes, I gained 10 pounds over four months....but I remember a time when I could have easily gained 20 pounds over 4 months.

Progress is progress is progress.

Yesterday, I had set my mind to staying on track.  I wasn't going to indulge and binge--and I ended up indulging and binging....because I was bored.  There is no other logical explanation for what I did yesterday.

This morning, I decided that I wouldn't be so hard on myself.  I got on the scale to see that I was up to 188.2 from 187 yesterday morning.  Yeah, I got discouraged.  But I didn't let it get me down. It's most likely water weight anyway.

So, I had my Herbalife Blueberry Muffin Shake, my Prolessa shot, and my herbal tea this morning. (AND PLENTY OF WATER) I sat down at the computer to start working on something and I got sidetracked by IG (as usual).  One of the fitness women I follow reposted a video of comedienne Mo'Nique dancing.  And it lit a fire within me.  If Mo'Nique has time to do something, surely I can do something!

So, I threw on some leggings, turned to the "Dance Workout" playlist on my Spotify, and I just started moving. 

I had no real plan.  I just wanted to start moving. Just for one song at least.

And before I knew it, I had been going 7 minutes...and then 32 more minutes...I danced my little heart out for over 40 minutes.  I threw in some lunges, squats, Russian twists, push-ups, and even a few weights.

40+ minutes and I didn't even think about the time!!!


So, to help me get back into the swing of activity, I have adopted the "What you can, when you can" (#wycwyc) philosophy.  It really works.  You just have to get started.

A few updates:

  • I tried the whole #iifym thing.  It may work for some, but it doesn't work for me.  I really do NOT like strict eating.  It only makes me deviate from the plan...and BOY do I deviate from plan when I deviate from plan.
  • I will continue to use MFP, and I will no longer be using WW after 5/6.  I know I've said this only a million bazillion times in the past months, but I really am serious.  WW helped me get started, and for that WW will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.  I'm just not satisfied with WW meetings in my area (which I will not discuss here) and the app overall sucks so WW Online is not for me. 
  • I have been using Herbalife products since 2/22/15, but I haven't really been taking the products as seriously as I would have liked because of school. But now that I'm home free (pun intended), I am serious about it! I will try to post updates here as much as possible.
  • I am really considering joining the TIU community.  I have been doing extensive research on the program and I think it may be a good fit for me. I like flexibility in a lifestyle plan (i.e. no strict meal plan), and from my research, I think that the TIU plan will be great for me. I'll be sure to update you on my decision!
 Now that school is over and summer has begun (for me), I anticipate blogging much more often. 

Talk to you soon!