Another HORRIBLE weekend of eating.

I hate how I feel.




I'm ready to get back on track.


Operation "Minus 33 by 5/3" is in full effect.

Yes, my goal is to lose 8 more pounds by my college graduation for a total loss of...*drumroll please* 33 pounds!   I also hope to lose (and keep off) at least 5 inches in the next 6 weeks.

It's like I have rediscovered my motivation!


After April 6, I will no longer be with WeightWatchers.

I know, I know. One week, I want to continue WW; the next, I am sick and tired of the program.

I signed up again for WW meetings on February 22.  I have opened the app three or four times since then.  I haven't been to a single meeting.

I just feel like I have outgrown the program.