It's like I have completely lost my motivation.

The scale is slowly creeping back up. I hate that, but I feel out of control!

Just when I decided to cancel my WW subscription, I feel like I need it now more than ever.

So I signed up for WW (again). This time just for the online plan (which is $19.95 for me).

I have to give it to them. 

WW really does work. When you use it correctly.

And, in case you were wondering, Monday will be my weigh-in day.  Right after the weekend.  I don't need a reason to splurge unnecessarily on the weekend.

What I'm thinking is that I'm going to use both MFP and WW.  I feel that MFP will help me see my macros/calories and keep me motivated, but WW will be convenient to use during the day and I'll have the chat option at my disposal.

I've also UPped my Pact (pun intended) and vowed to get in 5 days of activity (i.e. 10K steps daily with my UP24). I'm thinking about adding a veggie pact with a $10 wager for each day I don't keep my promise...good idea?

Oh, and I'm going back to my roots and getting in on BLL's New You Program for March.  Did I mention that your first month is free? Who could possibly pass that up? Click here for more deets.

My goal is to go grocery shopping for the week when I get paid Friday.  Nothing like a good ol' meal prep. Those turkey burgers and sweet potato fries (and those turkey bacon veggie egg muffins) from Brenna Alexander's February meal plan just did me good.  I'll definitely be making those along with salmon, brown rice, and asparagus.

It's still Feedback February.  I feel like I'm on the right track. Or at least close to it.

Be back later this week to share my successes and not so successes.

I'm not giving up.