I changed my weigh-in day for my app to Monday.

That will help keep me accountable.  I tend to splurge/binge the most on the weekend.

I will continue to do my "official weigh-in" on Thursday mornings--I would go on Mondays, but I can't go in the mornings. And of course, I prefer to weigh in the morning.

So far, kinda good with my meal plan.  Don't get me wrong--the food is delicious. I'm just not used to eating this way.  I crave fast food.  And sugar. To help me overcome this barrier....

I plan on doing the 3 Day Refresh this weekend. 

Last time, I lost a few pounds and I really had the desire to eat healthily once it was all over.

Oh, I ordered 21 Day Fix Extreme today through my Beachbody coach.  I'm super excited!

I plan to start doing Insanity Max:30 again. I'm worth 30 minutes of my day.

I also plan to be in bed every night by 11:00pm so that I can 1) get 7 hours of sleep every night and 2) wake up feeling refreshed for my 30 minute workout.

Oh, and speaking of my sugar cravings...I found this article that pointed to a possible cause for those cravings--not enough protein in my diet. With this newfound knowledge under my belt, I plan to abandon Brenna's meal plan after this week and try the 2 week jumpstart plan found here.  Brenna's plan has lots of delicious food but it's high in carbs (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat). Based on the article, I need to be on a high protein diet with lots of low glycemic index veggies.  So that's why Stacey's plan seems to fit my purposes better.

I'm just going to do this until I get it right!