Feedback February

School is back in session, which means less time to blog and do other things I like to do.

But I'm back. 

January did me in, but I came out on top.  I started at 185.6 and ended at 179.2, a loss of almost 7 pounds! I really can't tell you exactly what I did.  I know that I exercised everyday and I really tried HARD to track EVERYTHING I ate.

I was stuck in a plateau for the longest, so it was so great to finally see a new decade at last week's weigh-in!

I will definitely say that things are gonna be different in February.

I'm calling this month, "Feedback February."

My goal is to blog EVERY Saturday morning. I will discuss tracking for the week, as well as exercises that I have completed. I will tell you what works and what didn't work, so that by the end of February I know better. I will be able to look at the Feedback for the month!

I also got a head start on nutrition, which has been my downfall.  I ordered my fitspiration Brenna Alexander's February Meal and Fitness Plan, and I actually meal prepped last night.  

Yes, I meal prepped.  *rounds of applause*

I also tracked the points of each meal (the meal plans don't include PPTs, just macros info) using the online recipe builder! 

I am determined to start eating clean this month!!! 

Oh, and in awesome news, we got a treadmill in our home, so I have been working out on it 30-45 minutes every morning to make sure that I get my 10K steps in each day. 

Brenna's plan includes a fitness challenge, which I have printed and will place on the mirror in my room!

It's going to be a fantastic month!