Yesterday, I bought a 15-day supply of Herbalife.

Today, I stuck to the Herbalife diet plan.


It's like I have completely lost my motivation.

The scale is slowly creeping back up. I hate that, but I feel out of control!

Just when I decided to cancel my WW subscription, I feel like I need it now more than ever.


I lost my first DietBet4.

Womp, womp.


I saw 175.2 on Wednesday of last week.

Earlier today I was staring at 181...

What happened in a matter of a few days?


Not enough sleep.



I'm starting over today.

I'm going to bed before 10:00pm.

I'm getting 30 minutes of cardio in every morning! (Fasted cardio, maybe?)

I'm having oatmeal, 2 slices of bacon, and a boiled egg for breakfast.

A Herbalife Chocolate Caramel Cappuccino for lunch. With my tea.

Another protein shake for dinner.

Oh yeah

I'm leaving WW...for now.


I changed my weigh-in day for my app to Monday.

That will help keep me accountable.  I tend to splurge/binge the most on the weekend.

Feedback February

School is back in session, which means less time to blog and do other things I like to do.

But I'm back.