Intuition, Part II

For lunch today, I started with a salad with Vidalia onion vinegarette (it's my weakness). I left a few chunks of lettuce in the bowl.


Then I moved on to my shrimp and sausage alfredo. I left a few pieces of penne pasta in the bowl. 


I felt a subtle sense of fullness in the midst of eating the alfredo but I wasn't quite sure. I noticed that the taste wasn't as great as it was at first, but I wasn't sure. So I ate a bit past that point.

And then I decided that I wanted a white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookie. So I broke off half of one and mindfully chewed it.  I just had to have more. So I ate the other half.  And then I saw the oatmeal raisin cookie bag in the cabinet. So I ate one of those too.  

But my stomach started hurting. Not as much as last time. Maybe (and hopefully) because I didn't overeat as much. 

For far too long, I deprived myself of sweets, so of course (as I have learned from the book), I will not deprive myself any longer. When I want to eat something 

But I haven't tracked anything I've eaten today. I think I am going to forego tracking for a few days, probably for a week. 

I also have my weigh-in tomorrow.  Did I mention how down in the dumps I feel since I "lost" Round 1 of my DietBet10? I just feel like a loser.  The scale dominates my life WAY too much. 

I'm looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow and a nice run at the gym. 

This afternoon, before dinner, I will be doing Day 5 of Insanity Max:30.  I love the strength I am gaining from those exercises. I'm just bummed that it seems like the scale is moving in the wrong direction. Hopefully, those few pounds are muscle and water weight. But I really do miss my cardio and I am looking forward to getting some in this weekend!

By the way, I saw this WONDERFUL post on Instagram.

The book is teaching me so much about eating, rather than dieting. But I've never thought of the difference between exercise and training.

So I decided to investigate the difference.

According to research I found on, I have decided to train. Why? I'm glad you asked. 
  1. Training has primary goals: Set a realistic goal and find a program designed to illicit that response. Then training will have started. Stick to that program all the way through. Even if it's not the world's most perfect training system, by the end of it you'll have a better idea of what you're good at, bad at, and need to get better at.
  2. Training has smaller, specific goals: Set measurable goals for each session. Easy, right?
  3. Training focuses on weak points and fundamentals: Do things you wouldn't do otherwise.
  4. Training is efficient: Keep some level of balance in your workout. 
  5. Training uses stats: Use a workout tracker, a notebook, or just chalk on the wall like I often do. But keep data, and keep it where you can access it.
Lucky for me, Insanity Max:30 is the PERFECT way for me to get started with training. I already know that I am strong in my legs, but my upper body (and core) could use A LOT of work. I need to be able to do push ups...on the floor and not the modified ones I do on the wall.  What's great about Insanity Max:30 is that I can work on increasing my max out time and stop modifying the workouts. And they already provide you with worksheets to record your progress. 

So, now that I am pumped about eating AND training, I really believe I GOT THIS!

P.S. I follow Kim Zolciak Biermann on Instagram and saw where she uses 310 Shakes.
So I did my research and found that 310 Shakes gives a free sample; all you have to pay is $4 for shipping. I noticed that I could get a 2month supply of 310Shakes for the same amount of money I pay for Shakeo, so I figured it's worth a try. My sample arrived today, and I will review it later on this evening. 

Aren't you just LOVING the daily posts?!