Hey y'all!

It's great to be back.

I reached 25 pounds lost last Saturday (January 10)! I skipped my weigh in this Saturday (bummer), but I have maintained my loss.

Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and I've been wavering between 180 and 182 since that weigh-in.


The results are in....

I gained 5 pounds last week.

I would be lying if I told you that I'm not a tad bit depressed.

Lord knows HOW I gained that much weight. I did snack a bit too much, and I nixed cardio workouts for Insanity Max:30.

Something HAS to change this week.

Intuition, Part II

For lunch today, I started with a salad with Vidalia onion vinegarette (it's my weakness). I left a few chunks of lettuce in the bowl.


Then I moved on to my shrimp and sausage alfredo. I left a few pieces of penne pasta in the bowl. 



This morning for breakfast, I decided to try some of the things I learned in this book about intuitive eating.

I went into the kitchen, turned off the TV and my phone, and fixed myself some oatmeal. I reached into the cabinet to get my green tea when I saw cookies. I immediately wanted cookies. So I got one white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookie and one oatmeal raisin cookie.

Resolved, Part II

I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas.

I only have one book on my Kindle so far--"How to Have Your Cake and Skinny Jeans Too." 

I truly believe this book came into my life at the right time.