I'm Human

I made two huge mistakes today.
Mistake 1
I ate cold cereal for breakfast. 

Mistake 2
I went to the grocery store on a semi empty stomach.

These two mistakes were costly (in points and emotions) today. I know I shouldn't beat myself up about them, but that's easier said than done. 

Cold cereal does NOTHING for me as breakfast; I need oatmeal to keep me full for a reasonable amount of time (i.e. 3 or 4 hours, 5 on a good day). 

also wish I had gotten up to work out this morning before I went to the grocery store. That would have helped me maintain healthy habits and encouraged me to make good choices at the store. 
But because I was hungry and otherwise unmotivated, I bought Wheat Thins and dark choco peanut butter protein bars, two of my favorite snacks of which I have NO control over how much of them I consume. I know that I love them so much that I usually don't even allow myself to buy them at the store. But the circumstances today were different. 

I'm so close to my 25 pounds lost that I am noticing that I'm super hard on myself. I need to stop thinking so hard and focusing on the scale. It's really starting to dictate my actions. I've got to get a grip. If I lose 1 pound for the next 18 weeks, I'll be down to 155, which is 50 pounds lost. That's FANTASTIC. But even so it's REALISTIC. That's my new goal. If I manage to lose more, then great. But 1 pound is my goal. 

I just need to get a grip. And fast.