I thought clean eating and exercise was supposed to help me lose weight....

Hey, y'all!

I'm up in the wee hours of the morning getting some studying done, so of course it's only right that I blog a little.  This is my second time blogging this week--can you believe it?

Yesterday morning, I weighed in as usual.  I was extremely nervous about my weigh-in.  I had been weighing all week, but my weight was staying the same.  It was frustrating because I worked out twice almost every day this week, and I didn't eat fast food or junk food AT ALL.  But, unfortunately, I gained a whole pound.  I was so disappointed because I was hoping to lose weight, not gain. I am praying that the pound I gained was muscle. I really think it could be because I did some serious weight/strength training this week.  Well, more than I've ever done.

I have gotten a morning workout in EVERY morning, thanks to Beachbody's 21 Day Fix. Yes, it's hard giving up a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings, but I never regret my workout.  I always follow my workout with a glass of chocolate Shakeology and a bowl of oatmeal.  Shakeology definitely helps curb my daily cravings for any unhealthy food--it's really hard for me to make poor eating choices when I have had my daily dose of Shakeo.

That reminds me...Shakeo contains whey protein, which is known to build muscle and help you lose fat. I have been drinking Shakeo twice a day the past week. (The stuff is addictive! It's just the right amount of chocolate to satiate my sweet tooth!) With me drinking Shakeo on a bi-daily (is that a word?) basis and working out as much as I have been, that pound I gained may very well have been muscle.

I haven't eaten out at all this week.  I've only been eating breakfast at home, PTF for lunch, and either PTF or a home-cooked meal for dinner. I really feel like Shakeo is helping me retrain my taste buds. Not only do I not crave fast food like I used to (cravings are now very rare), I don't mind eating "healthy" food. I still don't always like PTF, but the taste is much more bearable than it used to be. 

Last Friday, I had a doctor's appointment, and my doctor was impressed with my weight loss. In March, my weight was 205 (according to her scales) and my BMI was 35.  On Friday, my weight was 194 and my BMI was 32.  When I started WW in August, I was still 205. Yesterday, I weighed in at 189.  (An hour ago I was 187.4) I've lost about 16 pounds since I started WW three months ago.  That's great!  Hopefully I get to a BMI of 30 (about 175 pounds) by Spring Break!

I am going to keep my healthy habits up this week, and hopefully the scale will move in the right direction. If the scale doesn't move next week, I may need to dip more into my weekly points allowance on some days. (I may not be eating enough)  That shouldn't be hard, since Thanksgiving is the next week. 

Anywho, I won't stay discouraged about that measly pound I gained.  On Wednesday, I ran a mile in 11:20, a few minutes of which I ran at over 6 mph!  I would have NEVER accomplished that a few months ago. I have also noticed how much room I have in many of my pairs of jeans and workout pants, as well as in my shirts.  I am seeing less of my muffin top, and that's WITHOUT a girdle! This afternoon after classes and a trip to the gym, I will take my measurements and compare them to last month's measurements. Hopefully, that will boost my mood!

in peace, health, and fitness.

P.S. I am SO looking forward to Christmas break.  I anticipate making fitness my full time job for the four weeks I'm out of school. I also plan to redo the 21-Day Fix and follow the meal plan--I should be finished with my PTF by then.