I fell off the wagon...again. But I'm picking myself up.

So, last Wednesday, I went on a school trip to New Orleans.  And since I was in New Orleans, I did as the New Orleaneans do...I ATE! I had beignets for the first time, and I loved every bite of those jumbo shrimp I had.  I didn't drink as much water as I typically do--we were on a bus with no bathroom...you finish the rest of the sentence. 

Old habits die hard.

So sure, one day doesn't ruin progress.  But that day turned into dayssss! My exercising was pretty good on last Monday and Tuesday, but was none existent from Wednesday until today (shamefully). I got up to day 10 of the 21-Day Fix, and I was seeing excellent results...until I had to forego my workout last Wednesday because we were traveling.  And of course, I couldn't get back on track Thursday...which sucks because with my binge eating Wednesday and no exercise, I was up 2.2 pounds at my weigh-in, the weigh-in I started to skip but I didn't. I hold myself accountable.

I have civic duties to fulfill this afternoon, but I plan on hitting up the gym for a run sesh before heading home.

This morning, I started back eating my oatmeal and Shakeo for breakfast.  I feel better than I have felt the past few mornings.  I have been eating everything from pancakes to McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A for breakfast over the past few days.  I have also been eating out for lunch and dinner a lot more than I would like to admit.  Compared to the week when I only ate PTF, I can see such a difference in how I feel.  After I eat out, I always feel so bloated and the next day I have excruciating pains in my stomach.  I am starting to feel that I may have food allergies...

Needless to say, in the midst of all my poor habits recently (along with the poor decisions I may make on Thanksgiving), I decided to invest in Beachbody's 3-Day Refresh, and I will be completing it this weekend (Friday-Sunday).  I will post my weight and inches (before and after). This is JUST what I need to get back on track. I believe that the 3-Day Refresh will help me break through the weight-loss plateau I am experiencing.  Once I break through that plateau, I will continue to exercise and eat healthily. 

In addition, the 3-Day Refresh will be just in time for three new challenges I am starting. Two of these challenges are through DietBet.  I found out about DietBet through some of the people I follow on IG.  One of these individuals is @yourgirldoesworkout.  I signed up for her DietBet, which is only 4 weeks. (It's a DietBet4 challenge, with 4 indicating the percent of initial body weight that must be lost.)  In those 4 weeks, I have to lose at least 4% of my initial body weight.  This Challenge starts tomorrow.  I weighed in (for my official weigh-in) yesterday at 191.0lbs, which means I need to lose almost 8 pounds (or 2 pounds/week) before the Challenge is over. It's definitely a strong feat, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that I don't lose my wager but that I lose the weight! The other DietBet Challenge is the Transformer Challenge (DietBet 10: The Transformer). In this Challenge, I bet $25 a month that I can lose 10% of my initial weight in 6 months.  This Challenge doesn't start until December 2, but I am super excited to make this my ongoing project.  Considering I graduate May 3, 2015, I cannot WAIT to see how much I lose by May 2, the day before I graduate from college! 

The third Challenge I am starting on December 1 is the FitGirlsGuide 28-Day Jumpstart. I also found this Challenge on IG and I had debated on joining previously.  But I decided that now is the time. This Challenge is just what I need to JUMPSTART (see what I did there) one part of my New Year's Resolutions--to lose weight and to maintain my weight loss.

I have been falling behind with the BLLFitness Challenge, but I am slowly picking myself up. Although I am not progressing as much as I would like, I am progressing.  That's the important part. I credit the BLLFitness Challenge for how far I have come.  These Challenges really help me stay focused, even when I fall off the wagon.

And as far as WW goes--I am learning that I need to stop restricting myself and that I REALLY need to plan what I am going to eat. Tonight after my workout (and before I start on all this homework I was blessed with over Thanksgiving break), I am going to map out what I am going to eat from now until Sunday. And on Sunday, I will map out my meals for the next 6 days. I am going to STICK with my plan. I count points and all, but at times, I really feel like I am restricting myself. This lends itself to binging (i.e. falling off the wagon) for several days.  WW is not meant to restrict you, which is why I love the program.  I know that restricting isn't helping me because I have gained 3 or so pounds over the past two weeks (see my WW Progress). And it's all because I restricted myself and ended up binging. 

With that in mind, I have also decided to forgo my weekly (official) weigh-in this week.  I am becoming too dependent on the scale, and I just need to readjust this week. I will weigh on Friday and again on Sunday (for the 3-Day Refresh), and I will weigh on Thursday of next week.  I hope to be back at 188 comfortably by then. That's only 3 pounds. I believe I can do it, and I will work to get it done!

Last thing, I have really been snacking way too much.  I know it's just a part of my binges. But I have to get a handle on it. I am learning that I just need to eliminate (as in, not buy) certain snacks because I haven't built the discipline to eat moderately sized portions.  I ate a whole box of Wheat Thins in two days...I know somebody is probably thinking, "Well, at least you didn't eat the whole box in a day." Well, that's true. But I counted points for those Wheat Thins and I ate a little more than a half of my daily points allowance in Wheat Thins alone. That didn't leave me with many points to enjoy my real meals with. Those Wheat Thins left me with hunger pangs and a sore stomach--a horrible combination!

Since I'm out of school this week, I anticipate blogging more often than I usually do.  Be on the look out for those 3-Day Refresh stats, as well as notes about my Thanksgiving eating decisions.

in peace, health, and fitness.

P.S. I have been considering trying Paleo in 2015.  I will blog about that soon!