Day 2 of the #3DayRefresh

It's Sunday, the LAST day of my Refresh!!! And I am down to 186.2, which puts me at a 2 pound loss for this weekend! (Did I mention that I am going to weigh in tomorrow evening? It kills me that I missed my weigh-in last week...all because I was lazy!)

I woke up yesterday, which was Day 2 of the Refresh, and I had lost a pound!

On Day 1, I didn't exercise because I didn't know how my body would react. I noticed that my energy levels were a bit low all day Friday, though.  So yesterday, I woke up and did my Pilates Fix and I started my day off right.  I actually burned more calories yesterday than I did on Thursday! I also had more energy until it was time to go to bed at 9:00.

Overall, Day 2 went well. 

Here's what I ate:

9:00am: Chocolate Shakeo (w/ water) and a banana

10:30am: Lipton Honey Lemon Tea
11:45am: Fiber Sweep
1:00pm: Vanilla Fresh (w/water, vanilla flavor, and banana), cucumber and hummus, green beans
6:30pm:  salad with grape tomatoes (no dressing) and green beans

I did have two handfuls of almonds after my Shakeo.  I just gave in. I was SOOO hungry! (Oh yeah, Friday I had cashews after breakfast....about a cup full...I was starving)

As far as the huge gap in my eating yesterday afternoon, I went to a baby shower and I wasn't able to stick to my schedule. I ended up not even drinking my "dinner" Vanilla Fresh because I was so exhausted when I got home.  But, as you can see, I still stuck to the eating plan.

Oh, and speaking of this baby shower, there was SO much food there, but I had absolutely no desire to eat any of it. From fried chicken to spaghetti to baked potatoes to cake, I am sure had I not been doing this Refresh that I would have eaten all of my points yesterday and gained about 5 pounds. But I did NOT give in and I am so proud of myself! Discipline is key! (It did help, too, that my BB Coach texted me throughout the shower to keep me motivated...isn't she awesome? And yes, I know I have to want it too, and, trust me, I do!)

And my water intake was great! Got all 98 ounces in (plus some)! 

For Day 3, I will stick to plan completely! No slip ups allowed!

I'll be waking up super early tomorrow to take my measurements, weigh, and start December's 21 Day Fix! 

I'm excited!

in peace, health, and fitness.