Challenge Conclusions, Exercise Epiphanies...and Shakeology

I have been quite busy the past two weeks! 

Today marks Day 2 of the 21 Day Fix and let me tell you....I am hooked!
 I have gotten up an hour early to get my AM workout in.  Yesterday's Total Body Cardio Fix kicked my butt, but it helped me burn almost 300 calories!  Today's Upper Body Fix wasn't as bad, and it helped me to realize that strength training is really not bad--it's actually pretty fun. I had so much fun this morning that I decided to work out when I got out of class today. Best decision I could have made--after a week of sitting idle (because I was sick), it was SO nice getting back in the gym.  The StairMaster and free weights were my BFFs today.  I had planned to run 2 miles.  I actually started running FITTED pants were falling off my waist, and I decided to forfeit my run for the sake of not embarrassing myself! Talk about PROGRESS!!!

I only slept 3 hours last night, but I forced myself to get up an hour early and work out anyway.  And I don't regret it! I had Shakeo for breakfast this morning, along with my usual oatmeal.  I noticed that I did not crave any of the junk that I usually crave, especially when I am sleep deprived  (as I was today). The only thing I did crave was more Shakeo! When I got home from the gym, my mom's pound cake was sitting on the kitchen counter.  I walked right past it and made my Shakeo.  I had no desire whatsoever to eat that cake! It is incredible how well I did today.

I finished the October Fit Challenge last Friday. I only lost 4 pounds last month; I'm not sure how many inches I lost because I did not take those measurements until the middle of the month. Despite the lackluster weight loss, I was extremely pleased by the difference in my before and "during" pictures.  A picture truly is a thousand words. 

I signed up for BLLFitness's 6 Week Challenge and I am now in week 2. Needless to say, last week was rough.  I was sick, and I did not work out at all.  I also didn't eat right.  I only earned 47 points last week--that puts me to shame. I know progress is progress, but I was still quite disturbed by how (inserts another word for "lazy" here) I was last week. I haven't earned a perfect 21 points since I started the Challenge last month.  I am striving to earn 21 points every day the rest of the week.  So far I am on the right track--I earned 21 points today!

I was skeptical about Shakeo, and I even went so far as cancelling my order for it.  But today, after seeing how Shakeo made me feel, I reinstated my monthly shipment.  If I can spend over $4 on a frapp or mocha from Starbucks that won't satiate me, SURELY I can spend $4 on a drink that curbs my cravings and gives me so much energy! Now, if only I could get a sample of strawberry Shakeo....

Lastly, as I have stated, I am staying on top of my emotional eating, with lots of help from Shakeo.  This weekend, I read a really great advice column that suggested I record every time I have a craving or when my emotions get the best of me and I binge. The goal is to find a pattern in my emotional eating so that I can better address the issue.  I'm sure this will help me a lot!

until next time.