WeightWatchers Progress and My Latest Investment

Heyyyy y'all! I'm back! I just wanted to give you a few updates!

First  of all, I am proud to announce that, on Thursday, I weighed in at 191.6...a LOSS of 3.6 pounds! I am SO elated, and I am SO glad that I did not skip my weigh-in!
In the midst of my unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, I pulled myself together and pulled a loss off! My goal is to go to my weekly meetings every Thursday until Thanksgiving. (With Thanksgiving being on a Thursday, I'm probably going to have to change my meeting day that week.)

Secondly, it seems like Saturdays are my days of change.  I signed up for WeightWatchers on a Saturday, I signed up for PiYo and Shakeology on a Saturday, and I just signed up for the 21 Day Fix on today, a Saturday.  Shamefully, I have yet to use PiYo, as I have been dedicating myself solely to gym workouts.  But honestly, PiYo intimidates me.  When I ordered it, I was looking only at the reviews and results.  However, I have done Les Mills Body Flow ONCE, and I wasn't a real fan.  So today, I made the decision to try the 21-Day Fix because a) I have seen nothing but positive results from 21-Day Fixers b) it's Cardio based (and I am a Cardio lover), and c) it's the perfect way to get my 30-minute workout in EVERY day. Once I get more fit, I have no problem trying PiYo. 

Speaking of working out...with the 21-Day Fix, my plan is to do the workout in the morning. Over the summer, I worked out in the mornings and it was a GREAT way to start my day.  Once I got back in school, I stopped working out every morning, as I cherished those last few minutes of sleep every morning.  But I have noticed that my afternoon workouts (which always make me feel GREAT...when I do them) are hard to get into. Working out in the morning is the best way to make sure that I get AT LEAST 30 minutes in every day.

What time of day do you prefer for your daily workouts?

in peace, health, and fitness,