Midterm Madness, Shakeology, Personal Trainer Food and more

Hey, y'all!

I apologize for not posting on here since the beginning of the month! Life has been getting the best of me.  I'm trying to find my way back to the top.

Here are a few updates:

1) I am still doing the #BLLFitness challenge, but due to a few setbacks (which I will discuss later), I have opted to continue the challenge only for the support, not the financial reward. The Challenge group is amazing, but with life's stresses, it has been really difficult for me to function at my highest levels and to stay on track.  

2) I have been extremely busy every night since the week of October 6.  I had to step in to represent an organization in Coronation.  We practiced for Coronation almost every night, and some nights I did not get home until 11:30pm. My erratic schedule really took a toll on me, especially my weight loss and overall eating habits.  With me trying to stay up late every night, I started looking to fast food and unhealthy snacks to keep me awake, and I really started to relapse. And because I knew I had to stay up late for practice, I used my gym time to get a head start on homework. So I did not work out at all most days. I am disappointed in myself because I have fallen off the wagon so much that I can't see the road anymore. 

3) Last week was Founder's Week at my school.  Founder's Week is like Homecoming Week, except we call it Founder's Week because we don't have a football team.  (Womp womp) I was busy preparing for Coronation (which was last Thursday), all while preparing for a huge event for the non-profit agency I work for (which was on Saturday).  As I mentioned, I was eating fast food and junk food ALL week long and most times I did not record exactly what I was eating. Because of my busy schedule last week, I skipped my weigh-in. I regret it in a way, but at the same time, I don't think I was ready for the disappointment. I KNOW I have gained a few pounds.  Like I said, I didn't eat healthily and I didn't exercise.  In fact, last Monday, I used 108 WW points. I am ashamed!!!

4) This week is midterm week--every college student's nightmare, next to finals week.  I am still trying to recuperate from being constantly on the move last week.  This weekend I got new points and I did fine with my eating.  But yesterday, I started eating unhealthily all over again.  Today, I went to Popeyes and had my favorite, the three whole-wing dinner (spicy, of course) with red beans and rice and a biscuit.  It was absolutely DELICIOUS! I only felt guilty as I recorded the points. And to make it even worse, I came home and ate 5 Nature Valley Protein bars (the ones I talked about in a previous post) and some pudding and some more junk. UGHHHHH! Needless to say, I am exhausted and I have not recovered from my bad habits. I need to find my motivation again.  I'm going to give myself this week to get through midterms. Then I will get back on track. 

5) Shakeology, Shakeology, Shakeology: So, here's the deal. I absolutely LOVE Shakeo, but I have learned the hard way that I need to keep eating my oatmeal for breakfast and save my Shakeo for dessert after dinner.  I've been doing Shakeo for breakfast the past two days, and I have been starving within the next hour and a half.  And I noticed that I tend to overeat at lunch.  So, since I am having such a stressful week, I have to modify my eating to accommodate myself. Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast until further notice!

6) My Beachbody Coach Alexa (does the name sound familiar?) told me about a Challenge that she was sponsoring.  I signed up, although I was already doing the #BLLFitness challenge.  Let's just say that I was in over my head, and I ended up leaving Alexa's Challenge on Sunday night. Best decision I could have made for my life right now. One Challenge is enough.

7) In the midst of my unhealthy eating last week, I decided to invest in Personal Trainer Food (PTF). If you don't know about PTF, it's similar to Nutrisystem, but more cost-effective, in my opinion. (I'm a college student.) I am doing the 28-days of lunches and dinners. The veggies and meats come in separate microwaveable bags, and it is suggested that you freeze the meals until you are ready to consume them.  I'm on Day 2 of PTF. More like Day 1, since I didn't eat the food for lunch or dinner today (I had Popeyes for lunch, and more fried chicken for dinner. Ugh).  PTF definitely will take some getting used to, but I think I can survive. It's only 28 days so it shouldn't be too bad. The hardest part has been fighting the temptation to eat what everyone else is eating.  I also miss the fact that the meals do not incorporate carbs. Yesterday and today, I went through MAJOR sugar withdrawals because of the lack of carbs.  I need my carbs, so I decided to add brown rice or wild grain rice to each meal.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

8) I'm supposed to weigh-in on Thursday.  But I am dreading it. I know that I need to weigh in because I have gotten off track.  I just don't want to be disappointed....

All in all, I know I need to retrain my brain, but I'm not sure how to do that...

Stay tuned to see how I fare this week.