#BLLFitness Challenge, Shakeology, and Weight Watchers

So, I've completed the 5th day of the #BLLFitness Challenge.  I must say, I'm slowly noticing improvements in my bodily functions.
The biggest challenges so far have been drinking half my body weight in ounces of water (which for me is at least 98 ounces), not eating two hours before bed, and making sure I work out every day for at least 45 minutes. I downloaded the Waterlogged app and it is VERY helpful in keeping me on track, as far as the water intake is concerned.  However, tonight I struggled with not eating before bed, and I ended up eating not one, but TWO Nature Valley protein bars. (Gah, I love those cotton pickin' things!) The good thing is that I recorded BOTH of them, although the second one put me in the hole, 5 points.  I'll get back to my PP in a second.  The last part is the fact that I have been pushing myself to get in a 45-minute workout every day this week.  With my busy schedule, that has meant working out, even outside of the gym. (Can you believe it?) Remember how I said I bought those Dance Fitness DVDs? Well, I used them yesterday and today, and they did NOT disappoint. I love the sore feeling the day after. Tonight I got in a 45 minute and 32 second workout and burned 406 calories, so roughly 100 calories per 10 minutes. I think that's pretty good!

The other #BLLFitness Challengers are super cool and very supportive, which makes this journey all the more interesting and effective! I can't wait to learn more about and from them throughout the rest of the month!

On Thursday, I had my weigh-in, but I was super disappointed that I only lost 0.4 pound. Like whaaaaa? After my initial disappointment, I realized that I did indeed LOSE, which is so much better than GAINING!  And then I remembered that I did not eat healthily at the beginning of the week and I did not exercise. How could I expect to lose the typical 1-2 pounds when I wasn't putting in the work/effort? With my eating behavior and exercise behavior last week, I was fortunate to have lost 0.4 pound. Needless to say, that weigh-in was a wake-up call.  I did not make my 195 goal last week, but I WILL make the mark this week. My goal is to be down to 188 by Halloween, which is the last day of the #BLLFitness Challenge. I've been weighing every day--this morning, I was 193.6. I feel like 6 more pounds (2pounds/week) is attainable. I just have to stay focused! And honestly, with $100 up for grabs, I couldn't be any more focused.

Also, last Monday, one of my favorite bloggers and a Beachbody Coach, Alexa Campbell (Instagram) of "Alexa Eats Clean," did a special on a sampler of Shakeology. I have been wanting to try Shakeology for the longest, but I did not want to cough up that $150, about how much I spent on Advocare (which I won't talk about in this post).  I also know that I am not the biggest shake person; I personally love my "full breakfast"--one that includes oatmeal, eggs, and the occasional bacon.  Anywho, I received my 3 chocolate samples and 2 vanilla samples in the mail on last Friday. I made a chocolate banana shake yesterday afternoon for lunch (I didn't want to eat too heavily before my Bestie's birthday dinner), and the shake was....ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I learned right away that it tastes BEST when it is SUPER COLD and that I am probably going to have to mix it with fruit and make it with almond milk.  The mix itself didn't smell that great, but when it is turned into a fruity concoction, the taste is irresistible! I am going to invest in Shakeology because I would love to have one throughout the day, maybe as a pre- or post-lunch snack and even lunch itself. I did run into an issue, however. Like I said, the shake tastes BEST when it is mixed with almond milk. Almond milk has to be kept cold.  On some days, I am out and about, and I won't be able to keep the milk cold. I had yet to find a container that would definitely keep the milk cold for hours, until I found Hydro Flask. Hydro Flask guarantees that cold liquids will be kept cold for up to...wait on it...24 hours. At about $25 on Amazon, I decided that the Flask is a great investment! You can learn more about the Flask here. I will also let you know when I purchase Shakeology!

So back to those PP...I am VERY proud to announce that, despite my Bestie's birthday being this weekend and the fact that there were delectable food choices at her dinner party, I did NOT go into the negative indulgence points this weekend! What an awesome NSV! I credit this success to the fact that I PLANNED what I was going to eat (with the exception of tonight), and I did not lose sight of my Challenge and personal goals.  I will not be eating again tonight, so I'm taking 38 indulgence points into the week with me.  My goal, of course, is not to touch those points until Friday, and to definitely not use them ALL on Friday. This Challenge is helping me soooo much!  

I will definitely be posting more later in the week.  Stay tuned!