Weekly Weigh In 3

So...the results are in!

Today, I am proud to announce that I LOST 5 POUNDS since last week's weigh-in!!!

I have pushed myself to go work out EVERY day this week for just 30 minutes.  I had to remind myself that I am worth 30 minutes of my day.  

With Monday being a holiday, I demolished my weekly indulgence points by Tuesday.  But I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't go into the negative points the rest of this week--and I HAVE NOT! What a difference eating better makes--the scale knows!

My goal for next week is to meal prep...but I'm taking baby steps.  I'm looking to bake some fish, steam some broccoli, and make quinoa for dinner next week.  Any ideas for lunch?

Oh, and there was a little mistake with my SkinnyFox order...I haven't received it yet.  But I cannot wait to receive my package so I can start the detox next week!

I'll post some updates in the next few days!