Tracey Pinder's "The Top 5 Things I HATED About Being Fat"

When I signed up for WW last month, I was really looking for support.  Despite my overall feeling that I am "out of touch" with fellow WW, I am always inspired by Tracey Pinder's YouTube channel.

Tracey has lost over 100 pounds on WW! Can you say AMAZING?! She is a wonderful person on both the inside and the outside. Her tips and advice have really helped me! I watch her videos when I need support and even when I am just bored (hey, it keeps me from eating!).  I am posting one of my favorite videos, "The Top 5 Things I HATED About Being Fat," here:

I can absolutely relate to so much Tracey talks about in this video--from feeling invisible to not being able to wear cute clothes to hiding from pictures (which is one reason you DON'T see many pictures of me on here). And I appreciate it all! Needless to say, you'll be hearing a LOT from me about Tracey in the future.

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