Social Media September

I'm back at it.  Just a little over 5 months ago, I started blogging. And my goodness, so much has changed in that time.

Here are some updates:

1. That April Advocare challenge? Yeah, I stayed on it like 2 days.  I wasn't ready mentally or emotionally.  And honestly, I would much rather wait to do that cleanse until I have a healthy diet under my belt completely.  (But I am seriously considering a tea detox…stay tuned.)

2. I spent the summer away from home and my eating habits seemed to worsen.  Not to mention, I was semi-deprived of all the food I was used to eating (I spent the summer up north and I am a very Southern girl. Go figure...). When I got home, I was eating ALL the food I didn't/wasn't able to eat while I was gone.  And over the past month, I've been getting over my food deprivation.  With six or seven visits to Chick-Fil-A a week, it's time for a change.

3. I joined WW (again, and for real this time) in August.  This time around, I decided to join as a Meetings member, and I do not regret it.  I love the accountability aspect of the meetings.   The weekly weigh-ins are awesome.  (Keep track of my progress here: WW Progress)

At last week’s weigh in, I was tremendously disappointed.  I started school and I let my eating get out of control.  When I am in school, I struggle with emotional eating.  But now that I see that I have a problem, I am working on it.  And to be optimistic about things, though I didn’t lose any weight during the month, I gained less than a pound.  I am positive that, without being aware of my food intake and being a WW meetings member in general, I would have gained much more. Remember those eating habits I mentioned earlier….at least when I ate at CFA I chose healthier options, thanks to WW.

I have had a deficit in weekly indulgence points over the past month, with some weekly deficits worse than others.  I am working on this though.  The way I look at it is—at least, I’m charting EVERYTHING I eat.   Shamefully, my WW pts are replenished every Saturday… and as of today, Labor Day, I have NO weekly indulgence points remaining—but I do have 3 activity points.  Now that I have accepted my problem, my goal is to stay ON POINT for the rest of the week. I’m going to do it.

As I said, I love WW.  BUT I have one major problem with WW--as a young college student, I feel that WW isn't very social media savvy (if you catch my drift).  I follow WW on Twitter, FB, and YouTube, and I even have joined challenges and groups in the WW Community.  But for the most part, these avenues are lacking in motivation.  I don't feel as connected to other WW members--especially, young people/college students--as I would like to feel.  Sure, I can follow a few WW members on Twitter or YouTube, but I haven’t been able to find too many of them with recently updated profiles/posts.

This brings me to the epiphany that I had: for the entire month of September, I am going to chart my #WWjourney on both Twitter and Blogger.  I’m calling it Social Media September.  Of course, tweeting my progress will be much easier/convenient than blogging it, but my goal is to at least blog on WI days (Thursdays).  

Do you have any suggestions of people I should follow on Twitter or YouTube? If so, please leave those handles in the comments:

Until Thursday….