Skinny Fox Detox and Other Updates

Update 1: Skinny Fox
So, today makes Day 3 of the Skinny Fox Detox....and I feel and see no difference.  

I honestly feel like I would be better off without it, specifically because I now see that I was not ready for it mentally.  

This morning, I will drink my third "dose" of "Hello, Gorgeous!" I can't tell you if it boosts energy or metabolism the way it says it does...I have gotten less than 3 hours of sleep two nights this week, so I'm just exhausted overall anyway.  It's going to take a lot of tea to get me over this feeling.

Last night was my first night doing the night tea, "Goodbye, Cherry Pie!"  I still haven't experienced the laxative effect. I'm thinking I did not drink enough water with it.  

Overall, both the morning and evening teas taste great.  I didn't think I would be okay with drinking plain tea; I'm so used to drinking my honey and lemon flavored green tea in the mornings.  I will say that the "Goodbye, Cherry Pie!" tea tastes as if it has bits of cinnamon in it.  I actually like it better than the morning tea. 

Update 2: Weigh In and Diet 
Yesterday marked my 5th weigh-in--I lost exactly 1 pound since last week.  After losing 5 pounds the previous week, I was a little disappointed in myself.  But of course, a 5 pound loss every week is not usual and quite frankly not healthy. And a loss is a loss.  I get new points on tomorrow (Saturday) so my goal between now and then is to take the time and look through my food diary so I can make better choices next week. 

However, I am sad to report that yesterday, after my weigh in (of course), I had two fast food meals that included fried foods.  Why I ate these things, I do not know. Maybe I was more disappointed than I thought and I relapsed into unhealthy eating behaviors momentarily.  I really believe that I let myself get too hungry; I also didn't have a plan of what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner. (Remember, I am a diet planner. I HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN!)  I do know that eating those fast foods did not give me the same satisfaction they used to. Not to mention, I felt full, as in a bloated full, not satisfied full.  I have not felt that way since I started on WW (and eliminated fried foods from my diet and reduced my intake of sweets). Obviously, this lifestyle change is really coming into play. 

I'm 5 weeks strong....stay tuned!