My ISFJ Personality: What Diet Planning Means to Me

Last week, I learned about Heather K. Jones, a registered dietitian who's been featured on the Today Show and in various health magazines. I was really intrigued by Heather's website (which you can find here), especially the 3 minute personality test. According to my test results, I am of type ISFJ, which puts me in the Diet Planner category.  Here's what my results say about me:

  • I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong 
  • I take my duties and responsibilities seriously 
  • Home, family, and stability are important to me 
  • I am organized and hard working 
  • I like to feel useful and valuable 
  • Friends would consider me loyal and dependable 
  • I have a strong work ethic and expect the same from others 
  • I like to be prepared and tend to look before I leap 
  • I think discipline and teamwork are important for completing tasks 
  • I believe it is an honor to be elected to an office 
  • Fulfilling my personal and professional commitments means a lot to me 
  • I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst 
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail are important to me 
  • I respect authority and follow rules 
  • I am a natural helper and a giver 
I was fascinated with how accurate this test is! I believe all of these statements are accurate representations of me. But, wait.  It gets so much better.  Along with a picture of my diet personality, I also found what does and does not work for me when it comes to weight loss:

What Works
  • Planning, preparing ahead 
  • Routines, guidelines, schedules 
  • Weight-loss meetings 
  • Tracking progress 
  • Concrete, measurable goals 
  • Being accountable

What Doesn‘t Work 
  • Tons of choices 
  • Last-minute solutions
  • Processing without tangible results
  • Playing it by ear
  • Studying diet theories
  • Cutting calories without a plan
This test absolutely blew my mind!  I know that I cannot play it by ear--that causes me to overeat! I tried tracking with MFP--to no avail. I also know that, in the past, when I joined WW, I joined as an online member--I literally tracked for literally 2 days and ended up GAINING weight. But now that I am a meetings member, I am losing weight. Knowing that I am going to be weighed every week makes me really mindful of what I bite. (If I crack it, I must track it.) Not to mention, I absolutely love going to meetings--they hold me accountable, and I learn sooo much about myself and from my fellow meeting members. 

I am definitely a planner.  I HAVE to track my meals for the day as soon as I wake up, or else I am doomed.  My new motto on this journey has been "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Needless to say, this personality test really gave me a boost.  With my ISFJ personality in mind, I'm looking forward to continuing my weight loss journey!

What's your diet personality?

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