Mind Over Matter: Cravings and Clothes

For the past week, I have engrossed myself in working out and trying to eat healthily. I fell short with the healthy eating a few times, but I worked out every day this week! I even worked out longer than my usual 30 minutes three times this week! (GO ME!) At yesterday's weigh-in, I was down 2.4 pounds from last week! I'm super excited and I hope to reach 195(lbs) by next week's weigh in! I'm well on my way! #operationgraduation

Lately, I've been craving fried (salty) foods and sweets. I have been able to satiate my sweet tooth with my Advocare chocolate meal replacement shakes and a few Cinnamon Dolce Creme frappuccinos here and there. But the salty food? Yeah, I'm not having much luck with that. One of my favorite snacks is almonds. Now, almonds are delicious but, for me, they are lacking in the salt department. And honestly, I'm glad about it. I don't need all that salt--I'm hypertensive. But I do have my cravings and almonds don't always satisfy me. And neither does water. Needless to say, this week my goal is to identify the sources of my cravings so that I can better control them. 

Another thought...
I recently discovered this online boutique and have fallen in love with the fashion! (If only it weren't the middle of the month...) I noticed that this boutique charges extra money for extended sizes. (I typically wear between an XL and a 2X--it depends on the brand) Of course, being able to wear cuter clothes is one benefit of getting fit, and I'm definitely looking forward to that aspect, as well as many others. However, for now, the extra cost of said clothes is very motivating. I'm considering buying a blouse I like in a large, not only because it doesn't cost extra, but also because it will motivate me to try to fit into the blouse (I'm not buying it just so it can sit in my closet all year)!

I'll let you know what I decide!

Another thought....
I watch YouTube almost as much as I watch TV. (I will eventually make a post of all my favorite channels and update it every month.) I'm really loving weightwatchergirl1's channel, but y'all knew that. Recently, I discovered "Mind Over Munch," and I am ABSOLUTELY in love!!! That channel makes me want to cook and bake 24/7. I'm not bold enough to vlog my journey (blogging is already taking me out of my comfort zone), but I do see how powerful vlogging is. Be on the lookout for a listing of favorite vlogs! :)