Zumba and October Challenges

With 6 weeks of WW under my belt, I'm so glad I am making this investment in my health. I am SLOWLY (but surely) seeing the weight come off, and I'm so proud of myself. I have to confess a few things before I go into a new school week....

Mind Over Matter: Cravings and Clothes

For the past week, I have engrossed myself in working out and trying to eat healthily. I fell short with the healthy eating a few times, but I worked out every day this week! I even worked out longer than my usual 30 minutes three times this week! (GO ME!) At yesterday's weigh-in, I was down 2.4 pounds from last week! I'm super excited and I hope to reach 195(lbs) by next week's weigh in! I'm well on my way! #operationgraduation

Skinny Fox Detox and Other Updates

Update 1: Skinny Fox
So, today makes Day 3 of the Skinny Fox Detox....and I feel and see no difference.  

I honestly feel like I would be better off without it, specifically because I now see that I was not ready for it mentally.  

My ISFJ Personality: What Diet Planning Means to Me

Last week, I learned about Heather K. Jones, a registered dietitian who's been featured on the Today Show and in various health magazines. I was really intrigued by Heather's website (which you can find here), especially the 3 minute personality test. According to my test results, I am of type ISFJ, which puts me in the Diet Planner category.  Here's what my results say about me:

Weekly Weigh In 3

So...the results are in!

Today, I am proud to announce that I LOST 5 POUNDS since last week's weigh-in!!!

Give It 100 Challenge

I learned about the Give It 100 Challenge through Facebook. LaKeisha REALLY motivated me! She lost 18 pounds during the Challenge, and she is STILL losing. See the video!

Tracey Pinder's "The Top 5 Things I HATED About Being Fat"

When I signed up for WW last month, I was really looking for support.  Despite my overall feeling that I am "out of touch" with fellow WW, I am always inspired by Tracey Pinder's YouTube channel.

Mini Post for a Mini Detox

So, I couldn't wait until Thursday for this message...

I ordered the 14-Day Mini Fox Detox from Skinny Fox!

Obviously, I am super excited! I have been considering doing a tea detox for a while--I absolutely love drinking my green tea in the morning, so why not try this?  Of all the teas out there, I found this one to be the most appealing.  

Social Media September

I'm back at it.  Just a little over 5 months ago, I started blogging. And my goodness, so much has changed in that time.

Here are some updates: